Frequently Asked Questions About Athlete Representation:
Finding the Right Sports Agent

Q. Why go through a sports agent?

A: The expertise of a sports agent can be the determining factor between a player receiving amazing offers or settling for less than they deserve. Opportunities arise for talented players, but unless you choose an agent with connections and knowledge, you may miss a perfect opportunity to maximize your earning potential both on and off the field. Planning and executing the right solutions at the right time— forming corporations, estate planning, deciding on investments— all hinge on experience and timely advice.

Q. If I sign with a Vortex Sports & Entertainment sports agent, am I limited to only working with that agent?

A: No. Vortex Sports & Entertainment is comprised of professionals from a diverse assortment of backgrounds and disciplines. Therefore, we believe our clients receive optimal value from our ability to apply a team approach to launching and maintaining our clients’ careers.

Q. If I change sports agents, do I have to pay another fee to the new agent?

A: No, if a player were to change sports agents, the previous agent would only be eligible for compensation based upon any work he had already performed for the player, particularly if the player re-negotiated a contract after ending the agent-player relationship. If the new sports contract were worth more than the previous contract negotiated by the agent, the agent’s fee would only be based upon the difference between the new contract and the old contract. However, if the new contract were worth less than the old contract, the sport agent’s compensation would be reduced relative to the player’s new contract.

Q. How do I terminate a player – agent relationship?

A: To terminate the agent-player relationship, the player must notify his agent by sending him either an authorized fax or an overnight letter. The termination comes into effect 5 days after written notice of termination is sent to the agent. However, if an agent-player relationship exists between an agent and a player who is a rookie 30 days before a draft, the relationship must wait at least 30 days to be terminated.