Vortex Sports & Entertainment is committed to you. We will become part of your athletic career and establish a trusting, successful relationship for the life of that career. We know that your future is our future. Often young professionals are misguided by uncertified and inexperienced friends and family. They might mean well, but they simply don’t have the experience needed to mold a career.

Then there are the self-serving runners and agents. They would much rather encourage lavish spending and inappropriate publicity than to provide sound career advice. Why? Because of commission dollars– your dollars. At Vortex Sports & Entertainment, we educate our clients on the advantages, as well as disadvantages, of being a professional– and on how to retire as a successful professional. We will earn your trust and provide valued services while establishing a long-term relationship. Experience, the appropriated degrees and licenses, and a commitment not often found in the professional athlete’s world– that is Vortex Sports & Entertainment.